Lear’s speech 

In the first of King Lear’s speach. He speaks in very formal and unrythmytical character, he plans to split up the kingdom into three parts as I had three daughters but he could also spit it between his son’s in law. 

He speaks about him being a king of the whole kingdom as it was ‘business from our ages’ meaning that they are all getting old and it’s time for him to give away his kingdom, which results to his downfall as he losses all respect. He asked his daughter to ‘say with love us more’ to feel in his arrogance. The daughter that tells which one loves him more and the one that does will get the biggest part of the kingdom. But the fact that after he gets his arrogance fueled up he will loose everything, the daughters will stop respecting him and he will be nobody after he gives his kingdom away. 

Lear’s speech 

Comparison of the two wersuons of the movie 

  • I’m the first version that were in throne room in the second version they are outside sorpunded by rocks
  • In the first version the daughters come before the King but in this one they come after him
  • All people bow down when he comes in the other one they all lay down face first
  • Gorenal speaks first she lays down in the other one she sits by his fears.
  • Regan kisses the King
  • Cordelia doesn’t coments through the speeches of her sisters 
  • King is angry at Cordelia for not telling the king how much she loves him. 
  • Kent shouts at the king 
  • King is more aggressive and tries to attack Kent 
  • Cordelia married King od France 
  • The three sisters cry and hug before Cordelia goes away with France in the other version they just talk without crying and hugging 
  • Gloucester is more arrogant and more aggressive than the other one 
  • Lear is same as Gloucester 
  • Edmund and Edgar don’t fight in this version
  • Kent is undercover 
Comparison of the two wersuons of the movie 

King Lear notes 

Act 2 

  • Gossip about a possible war (Cornwell and Albany).
  • Edmund convinces Edgar to run away.
  • Edmund and Egdar fight with swords.
  • Edgar runs away and becomes Poor Tom and covers himself in mood.
  • Regan goes into the castle to avoid the king 
  • Lear feels as his daughter’s have turned against him when they don’t allow any of his man stay with him. 
  • He prayers to the Gods for why is he so punished.
  • “I am a man more dinner against than sinning” – feels as a slave. Not a king anymore 
King Lear notes 

King Lear notes

Act 1 

  • King Lear wants to divide the kingdom into three sections each to his three daughters.
  • He asks each daughter about how much they love him and worship him in results to have that one part of the kingdom to herself.
  • Goneril speaks first as she is the oldest and says that her love for her father has no boundries.
  • Regan speaks second and says that she loves her father even more than Goneril.
  • When it’s time for Cordelia to speak she says that she loves a father like a daughter should love not more Or less.
  • King Lear takes this as a rejection of love and he disowns her.
  • King calls in the two suitors Burgundy and France. 
  • Burgundy doesn’t wants to marry Cordelia as she won’t give any dowry so she is no use to him.
  • King of France loves her and doesn’t care if she doesn’t have any dowry.
  • Kinga banishes lent for staking up for Cordelia.
King Lear notes

Marriage and Succession 

When Elizabeth the first have became the Queen, people started to wonder who will the Queen Marty to help her rule the country. Their worries about Elizabeth being the last dynasty it would be normal for the Queen to look for a husband to have a child with, to have a heir to the throne, otherwise Henry VII’s distant relative would take the throne after Queen’s death, putting the country into bitter civil war. 

In the early weeks of her reign, the advisors started looking for a husband for the Queen. From King of Spain up to Sit William Pickering. Sir William Pickering was confident that he would be picked as the husband of the Queen. However Queen Elizabeth didn’t see the urgency of getting married she preferred the single’s life. 

One reason why Elizabeth did not really intend on marrying was she didn’t want to make the same mistake as her sister Queen Mary who married a man who was not popular with the people of the country. Elizabeth and the ministers wanted to relinquish any power over English affairs. 

The rumours have been started that Elizabeth got engaged toPrince Eric of Sweden, which caused the country to be joyful and they made medals that has Queen Elizabeth and her companion on. Archduke Charles had a fair chance of becoming Queen’s husband however because he was a Catholic he couldn’t get married to Elizabeth as his suit was not popular by the Protestant element in Elizabeth’s Council.

Elizabeth was in love with her childhood best friend Lord Robert Dudley, her Master of Horse. She knew that her childhood friend values her for the real her and not only because she was the Queen. However their marriage had advantages and disadvantages: their would be no foreigners trying to take over the country although the people of this country could root as the noble had the chance of marrying the Queen the poeple would feel it’s unfair. 

One other reason why Dudley was not a suitable candidate was because firstly he was already married to a young girl any Robsart when he was seventeen. Also he is the son and grandson of the most hated men in the country Duke of Northumberland (father) who was executed for treason against her sister the Queen Mary. Dudley was imprisoned himself in the Tower for involvment in his father’s scheme to place Lady Jane Grey on the throne.  

Elizabeth wished that on her grave when she died would be written ‘A queen having lived and reigned such and such time, lived and died a virgin’ it would have come true to be knownas The Virgin Queen however her married Francis the French Catholic. 

Marriage and Succession 

Forms of the both novels.

Both ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘The Help’ have similar writing styles as both are written in the first narrative and is written in letters interview style.

‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker is a epistolary novel meaning it written in series of letters however they are not in order as Mr. Celie’s husband hides letters from Celie’s sister Nettie which creates this sense of idea that Nettie is dead. but in the middle of the novel Celie finds Nettie’s letters. Its written in first person narrative as well as it has many voices not only Celie’s. However because it’s in the first person the stories they might be telling a biases side of the story creating it to be less of and accurate account.

Similarly to ‘The Color Purple’ in ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett is written in first narrative although its made of a number of interviews. Similarly to ‘The Color Purple’, ‘The Help’ isn’t in chronicle order as we would expect however because some chapters are from each characters perspective which give an impression that when we finish reading one character’s side of story we start in completely different place when another character’s story. As in ‘The Color Purple’, ‘The Help’ is similarly biased .

Overall both novels are similar in the way they are written in.

Forms of the both novels.

A2 English Literature Coursework

Both novelists Alice Walker and Kathryn Stockett have written their novels that go back 30 years to their grandparents generation. They both link their characters to discrimination,  in ‘The Help’ by Stockett, she links all her characters to all types of discrimination, and in ‘The Colour Purple’ Walker shows similar discrimination as Stockett does.

‘The Help’ was written in 2009, and because Stockett written this novel post 9/11, could suggest that the immigration was an influence on the novel which created a massive amount of racism and discrimination against Islam and creating people to be Islamophobic. However the novel is based in the 1930’s which is the start of the Movement of Right, for Black people and also women and men, it was one of the first feminist movement for women to be able to vote. As well as in 2008 Barack Obama was elected as the president of the United States of America, which reflects how people’s tolerance to ‘different’ people had changed. Many believed that Kathryn Stockett wrote ‘The Colour Purple’ part two.

As for ‘The Colour Purple’, Alice Walker had written in 1983, which was greatly influenced by the World War Two. However the novel as well goes back 30 years, to be set in 1930’s. Because the novel was written throughout the years of the WW2, the idea of ‘The American Dream’ was challenged greatly which made people doubt. As well as that people were treated like they ‘deserved’ to be treated, in 1980’s media would always shame people from their background and were they came from, which explains Celie’s ‘relationship’ between her so called father and her unloving husband who both have raped her.

A2 English Literature Coursework